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Bouldering – Climbing, no ropes attached

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According to ‘natural-born free climber’ Bernd Zangerl ‘there are many reasons for climbing mountains. There are even more reasons for climbing a boulder.’ An activity that was considered only 20 years ago to be mostly a form of training for rock and mountain climbing with ropes has been fascinating a steadily increasing number of enthusiasts, who argue that Bouldering is a more playful form of climbing.

Bouldering goes beyond being just a pastime, it is a sense of community that teaches you to challenge your physical and mental boundaries. Power, discipline, and pure focus that pushes you to new heights. This book shows the different motifs behind bouldering and the inspirational figures of this high-performance sport. The joy of experimenting teaches perseverance and how to deal with failure, bouldering forces the body to new limits.

From the history of bouldering, to equipment tips and training techniques; inspiring portraits of famous boulderers and overview of geological diverse bouldering areas around the world and bouldering with children – Bernd Zangerl and his fellow authors and boulderers brought together this definitive guide to modern bouldering.

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Publisher: gestalten
Editors: Bernd Zangerl
Features: full color, hardcover, stitch bound, 232 pages
Format: 21 x 26 cm

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